I am building a team of powerhouse people to do commercial real estate projects with.


The goal for 2011 is to help individuals make alot of money, through acquisitions of Apartment Properties, Self Storage Properties, Senior/Assisted Living Properties and Mobile Home/RV Park Properties.


Once up and running, which should be around the 15th of January, 2011, we will immediately begin the process of locating desirable properties and move to close on any deal that through proper due diligence, proves to be worth moving forward with.


I am looking for realtors who deal only with the above identified properties, who understand the investors perspective and is not afraid to make offers that are outside the norm.


I am looking for commercial property locators who understand commercial and multi family properties, their dynamics and know the difference between a good deal and a deal not worth taking time with.


I am looking for commercial funders who can get a deal done that is not always within the norm in it's acquisition strategy and terms of purchase and financing.


I am looking for cash buyers, equity investors and private money funders who wants to be part of the team and have money making deals bought to them and can do deals in volume.


What we will not entertain are those who make promises and cannot deliver on them. We don't want yes men who only say yes because they are too timid to stand up and say no.


This is not a get rich quick opportunity, this is one that will over time, amke alot of people wealthy or wealthier.


We will be the group that people want to work with because we will have the deals, the funding and a real team of dealmakers.


If interested, drop me a note here with your contact information.

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Hello James

I can provide for you, in locating and matching desired properties on your Wish List. I am, with my Networking Team, have direct contact with the VP to one of the Biggest Commercial RE in the Nation, if not Worldwide. Also get You connected to Hard Money (if necessary) and Commercial Funding through my Networking Team.   email me at:  investsmart@mrinvestgrp.com


Thank you for your comments. With all due respect to you, allow me to answer as the straight shooter that I am. I have a college education in finance, so I am well aware of how the game works.


In my reply to Richard, I was not in any way saying I am not a experienced operator or that I do not have skin to put in the game.


I believe in the team approach to doing this business. Maybe you don't share the same mindset I do and that is fine.


In my original post I do not believe that I asked for every piece of the puzzle to step forward. I was quite clear in what I stated I was looking for. Individuals here decided to step forward and would like to bring their varied expertise to the table.


My expertise in is apartment complexes. During the 80's and 90's, I was every active in the Northeast US in real estate, and I felt the pains of the market spiral downhill. I eventually had to begin letting go of properties to pay down debt and if I did not take that course of action, I would have ended up in far worse condition.

I am also a hard money broker. I have been involved with millions of dollars in deals, many closed, many did not. I understand fully how to package deals to get funded.

In 1996, I was involved in a development deal in Yalapa, Mexico. This was a $25,000,000.00 deal, where I borrowed $20,000,000.00 and a partner came in with the balance of the funds. I decided to pull the plug when I discovered the real estate broker was attempting to take fees from the deal that they were not entitled to take. There were other issues as well that are not worth mentioning here.

I am also currently involved with a hotel acquisition deal and I just lost a bid on a hotel deal in Florida, where the bank told me that my offer was in the top two, but they were offered more from the other bidder and they took their offer. I was one of about 45 interested parties.

I have also been a principle in a commercial real estate investment group. I focus on locating deals and analyzing them to determine if it meets the groups parameters for acquisition. In this capacity, I am involved with apartment complexes, office flex space, assisted living/senior housing properties and apartment complexes. I also look at self storage facilities.

As I said, I am well versed in this business. I would like you to reply to me here and explain what it is you think this is all about and I trust you to be honest and transparent.

I will cut you off at the pass by saying that if you think this is about multiple brokers as a chain getting into the middle of a deal and each taking a piece of the pie, your wrong.

If you think this is about taking advantage of sellers who are about to lose all their equity in a property and we get it for 20 cents on the dollar, your wrong.

If you think this is about a bunch of non experienced people trying to build wealth by coming to the table with zero money and getting 100% financing, your wrong.


My company is Lonestar Commercial Properties and we focus on deals in Texas. We would like to get involved with deals outside Texas and work toward becoming a national firm. We cannot be in every location where there is a deal.

I await your further comments.


           After reading yur post, I would like to introduce myself. I am an owner / investor in Tulsa Oklahoma, I have 16 years experience from finding multi family properties, analyzing, negotiations, finding funding for the deals.

 I specialize in  multifmaily rehabs, cost valuation and  project management, I would like to be added to your team.  My resume and referals are available upon request, Please feel free to contact me @ Arainproperties@cox.net

or 918-282-2324

I would like to be added to your team. I'm a real estate broker in Chicago who work with investors. My email address is lasheamiller@msn.com



I'm a commercial financier and I'm very interested in being a part of the team. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.




Antoine Howard



add me to your team
James; Thornbush Capital (www.ThornbushCapital.com) is a direct private
Lender specializing in 1-3 year bridge loans and we lend from $2MM-$50MM
On performing assets. Advise if you may need private equity capital coverage.



Lets chat at the end of the week.

Hello Everyone:

Things are moving along as planned. I am in the process of beginning to talk to each person who responded.and should have that completed by mid week next week.


Richard, why have you not replied to me, regarding your instructional program?


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