I am building a team of powerhouse people to do commercial real estate projects with.


The goal for 2011 is to help individuals make alot of money, through acquisitions of Apartment Properties, Self Storage Properties, Senior/Assisted Living Properties and Mobile Home/RV Park Properties.


Once up and running, which should be around the 15th of January, 2011, we will immediately begin the process of locating desirable properties and move to close on any deal that through proper due diligence, proves to be worth moving forward with.


I am looking for realtors who deal only with the above identified properties, who understand the investors perspective and is not afraid to make offers that are outside the norm.


I am looking for commercial property locators who understand commercial and multi family properties, their dynamics and know the difference between a good deal and a deal not worth taking time with.


I am looking for commercial funders who can get a deal done that is not always within the norm in it's acquisition strategy and terms of purchase and financing.


I am looking for cash buyers, equity investors and private money funders who wants to be part of the team and have money making deals bought to them and can do deals in volume.


What we will not entertain are those who make promises and cannot deliver on them. We don't want yes men who only say yes because they are too timid to stand up and say no.


This is not a get rich quick opportunity, this is one that will over time, amke alot of people wealthy or wealthier.


We will be the group that people want to work with because we will have the deals, the funding and a real team of dealmakers.


If interested, drop me a note here with your contact information.

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Hi, I am a Realtor working with Commercial & Multifamily properties in Connecticut. Looking forward to working with you in 2011. You can mail me at jaya.realtor1@gmail.com


I am a VP of Business Development with Ticor Title in Southern California. We insure Nationwide.

Please call me at 323-440-0835




Here's wishing that 2011 be a splendid year for all.


Afternoon, just saw your serious, straightforward and POSITIVE post.  I do hope you are able to build such a team.  I am seriously interested in participation.  Please share with me your contact information homebuyer4az@yahoo.com

Steven Bloominger


I am putting the team together. I have received good replies here and I see a very good 2011. I will send you a email later today.

I am interested in participating and being part of your team. My email address popechris49@gmail.com

Hello James,


I am a private lender and intermediary for a large hedge fund...


Looking for serious players in 20011 who meet our lending criteria...


would consider looking at deals as long as.


1. buyer or borrower is a qualified sponsor/operator...


2. sponsor/operator is willing to put their own capital/skin into the deals they submit...sorry 100% financing is not going to work in this credit /capital market no matter how good a story they spin...


for additional criteria please point your browser to.




I look forward to working with you...if not good luck in all you do...


Happy New Year


As you can tell, I am a straight shooter. I understand your criteria very well, yet I fail to agree with it in it's entirety. In this credit market, there are many who no longer have great credit or capital resources to put into a deal.


If someone is acquiring a property for lets say 35 cents on the dollar and it cash flows, there is never a need for someone to put skin into the game, because your funds are well secured. Lets say the property is worth a million dollars, even if the 90 day cash value is 750,000.00, your money again is well secured.


I want to work with you, and I am going to review your firms website. Send me your contact information via email to teambalter@aol.com and I will connect with you this week.


you're welcome to disagree...it won't change the fact that in todays market (institutional-hedge funds etc.) lenders want operator/sponsors to have a. experience & b. skin in the game period...


you could buy an asset for  .10 on the dollar and still walk away if things don't work out...


Now we're stuck with an asset we didn't want...


we don't want the asset we just want our money back...savy?


great personal credit is not a criteria,(unless you're a deadbeat)  skin in the game is...


you can structure the transaction with a special purpose entity and avoid risking your own personal credit...


good luck...

Hello James, I'm a buyer's rep for two hedge funds that purchases commcercia propertiesl nationewide I would like to be added to your team.


Richard Hudson



This is exciting information and I am very excited to know of your interest. Send me a note at teambalter@aol.com with your contact information and lets connect and get to work.

Hi   Richard i  got Direct buyers and  Direct sellers  i am doing   my  own thing  and  i am all way ready to  expand   are you  going  to  be selling and buying.let me  know what i need  to join    Robert  203-387-1250   
call me would like to add you to my contact list
Joe Acosta


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