Hello Real Estate Professional


I'm looking for investors who are seeking to buy Bulk Reo.

I currently have direct contact with a mandate who is well

known in the industry.  He is able to provide packages of----

5 Million and up to large portfolios in the billions and more.

Please excuse me if I  have step on anybody shoes .

I'm trying the site out.

                                  Thank You

                               Idania Hernandez


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Hello Idania, I have some major investors. please connect with me at intprojects09@yahoo.com
or call 818 613-9722
We have several clients seeking to buy REO's.
Please reach out to me at amoore@comcapsouth.com with some details.
Hello Idania, I am very much interested in talking with you in regards to the direct mandate you have. E-mail me or call me at George.M.Lara@gmail.com or 619-581-8423.


George Lara
Hello Mr.Allston Moore

This is Idania Hernandez
I send you a e-mail to the e-mail you send me.
About the Bulk REO that you are seeking for your client
i haven't heard from you.
Please e-mail me at idanotes@yahoo.com
let me know how can i help you.
Thank you
Hi Idania,

Please contact me. I have LOIs/POFs totaling 250M+ and don't have products for my buyers.
Pearl@AstaEnt.com or 408-455-4320

Hi Carl,


Can you tell me what you have and what the price range  and fee is?  I will contact the Hawaii connection to see if they are looking local properties.




Can you email me the necussary info please on these bulk REO properties?
Do you have any specific requiremetns from the buyer?
Thansk, Antoine


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