Seeking funding, equity partners for the acquisition and turnaround of a distressed multi-family opportunity in Texas. IRR 37% secured by 1st lien for a 65% LTV of after completion value.

This proposal is for the acquisition of a distressed multi-family opportunity in Houston, Texas. The property has easy access to highways, shopping, places of employment, parks and recreation in a working class area. The property became distressed after Hurricane Ike and currently has a 30% occupancy.  


The property can be acquired for a fraction of the cost and rehabilitated. After completion, with an aggressive lease-up plan, the property can achieve 90% occupancy since the immediate properties average above 90%. The turnaround can be achieved in 8 months.   


The funding required is $8M which is a 65% LTV of the after completion value. The property value will be $12.6M calculated from a 10% cap rate on a proforma NOI of $1.26M. The property was sold for $12M in 2007.


I am seeking an equity partner or private lender to fund the project secured with a 1st lien on the property. If required and included in the costs, the proposed proforma secures interest payments of 10% to the private lender during the turnaround.  The proposed exit strategy is the sale of the property at 12 months including the 8 months of rehab and lease up and 4 months of marketing. The partner's equity share plus the interest payments would net an IRR of 37% after one year.     


Please contact me at for more information if interested on being an eqity partner on the deal.





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Hi Rafael,
We are a private investment company that specialises in distressed assets. We can offer debt funding on this deal with rates of 12% - 15%. I would like to discuss this further with you and invite you to contact me on 941-538-6378 or

Feel free to peruse our site and submit a loan request online (

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Darryl Cox
I am looking for a hard money loan against these assets let me know if you can help. I have been doing this since 1996 I am putting all this up for collateral and a guarantee from the city. If you can or have a person that can do it let me know I am not paying upfront fees for any one to think about it
Barnett Bank &Laura Trio of Jacksonville Fl
I have 4 Buildings and 6 lots valued as is over 16 million:
1. Barnett Bank 18 stories arv 24million needs 14
2. Florida Life Building 11 stories arv 6 needs 2.8
3.Bisbee building 10 stories arv 6 needs 3.5
4.Marble Bank 2 stories needs 1.2 arv 2.5
5 310 Parking deck 4.4 arv 6.5
I am looking for a partner that can close fast I have the construction company.
Phas1 one complete Barnett and Parking is 28 I have close to 5-6 million i am putting in.
I need a hard money loan or partner for 20 million i can pay back in 1.5 years here links Plans I have this is one project completed next to ours at 97% this is one project completed next to ours at 97%
anthony Lewis 678-683-1204
We recently viewed your inquiry on and would like to introduce ourselves.
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