I have a great investment opportunity on a bank owned self storage facility. Please see the attachment for details on facility. Contact me if interested.Investment_Opportunity_Killian_Hill.pdf

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Are you the principal needing the funding for this project? What contact email and phone can my funds manager reach you at? are you just looking for the 400k to cover or another amount?

Anna Levy



Yes I am the principle needing funding. $400k is purchase & rehab amount. 

Contact me at 678-898-1659 or droman23@comcast.net

Are you still in need of funding for your projects?  If so, contact me at (910) 722-9550

We have funding from $250K up to $500M.  Looking forward to working with you.

Marcelle Ford

Yes, contact me to discuss your terms. 




Do you have any experience owning/operating storage facilities?  How much cash are you bringing as down payment? We have an SBA lending platform and may be able to work with internally. Loan amount is a little low also but still might consider.


Nick Barbaria




i will work on it and probably can get it done below 15%, im not doing it for free, charge $2,000 up front and 1.75% on the close. Call 585.201.8678


Contact us if you need to finance this self storage facility. We provide no upfront fee commercial real estate financing nationwide. Contact us at processing@winstonrowe.com or http://www.winstonrowe.com or 248-246-2243


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