To initiate the process we need the following information: $2M minimum


Amount: $                     Currency: Euros or USD  

Duration:  usually 1 year and 1 day 

Do you require any particular bank? 

For credit enhancement only? Yes/No 

Callable/Lienable?  Yes/No 

Business Purpose:  

When do you require the instrument:

*All of our deals use third party escrow services, no exceptions.

Client should realize that the 10% fee must be placed in a 3rd party neutral escrow. Just like any other "purchase", the financial instrument provider must  be assured of being paid.  There is a cost for him to send the POF.

We use Commercial Escrow in California

You do not have to travel to the US to open an escrow account.  You can do it all by email and phone.

This escrow company is called "third party neutral" which means that they are not controlled by either the buyer or seller.  This provides you great protection. They are NEUTRAL.  By law, they must follow the Escrow Instructions that we provide them.

We will work with you to write mutually acceptable Escrow Instructions.  You send the funds to escrow only after you are comfortable with the escrow instructions.  Thus everyone is protected, Buyer, Seller, Intermediaries.

Larry Potter


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