Revolutionizing Investment Returns With Over $100 Million Acquisitions Under Contract

MAGGIO International, LLC retains exactly what HNW investors as well as Hedge and Pension Funds seek.
a.) 50% Return On Investment within 12 months.
b.) 100% recapture of investment within 12 months.
c.) 8% -12% annualized high yield interest paid monthly during the 12 month term.
d.) Secured investment via First Mortgage position in cash flowing multi-tenant medical/professional office buildings.
e.) Multiple geographical investment property locations to further mitigate risk.
For a safer 
investment, with 50% equity
 ​ in debt free income producing medical / professional real estate 
that keeps pace with inflation
 and 8% to 12% annualized return paid monthly, investment participation in our commercial multi-tenant office buildings may be right for you.


Michael D. Maggio

CEO / Manager

MAGGIO International, LLC

 A Delaware Limited Liability Company

(480) 335-6999

Skype: Michael.Maggio54


…World Class

Medical Office Building Acquisitions and Management

Commercial Condominium Conversion and Development

 Alternative Resolution Consulting & Acquisitions

 Chicago * Dallas*  Houston* Phoenix *New York City * Washington DC


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are you looking for equity funding

thanks for your time


cdc capital partners, llc

are you looking for equity funding for your projects?


We "Award" our investments to qualified accredited passive Investors.

200% ROI, PASSIVE INVESTMENT ‏           
Our group has access to wholesale pricing for a highly sought after commodity - JP54 (commercial Jet Fuel).
We have a strong working relationship with several refineries and are in a position to provide Re-Sellers, Investors, and/or Financial Groups with an interesting and lucrative opportunity.  Those in the fuel business know that there are very high and quick returns on sales of this commodity. 
Please CALL or EMAIL me to discuss the attached Executive Summary and comparison to a real estate investment for the investor.  You will note that the investor funds are at all times fully collateralized and in fact never leave the bank. 


However our focus is real estate.

Good luck!



"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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