Looking for residential and commercial REO properties in the Western US (including Texas). We have high interest in California properties. Residential 5-50mil/Commercial 50-100mil. We also are looking at performing and non-performing notes. Please only respond if you are the seller or direct to the seller.

Thank you,

Joe Rossettie

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Hi, I am not direct to the seller. I am an investor and was offered a $50 mil REO residential package in California. If you are interested, please email thuvytran@yahoo.com.
Hello Joe, I just received a fresh list of approximately 172 homes. They are scattered throughout the US, for example 23 in Detroit,MI, 39 in Ohio, 17 inFlorida, 10 in Georgia. I have plenty more, but you must move quickly.
Hi Johnie-

Thank you for your email and vm. We are primarily interested in Western US, especially California. If you have any properties in that area, please let me know.

Thank you,


My direct email is joerossettie@silverlightca.com.
Joe, Would you be interested in a package of 30 single family houses in Memphis Tennessee. These houses are selling between $7,900-$34,900.

Please feel free to call me toll free 1-866-855-7480



Hi Joe,

My contact is direct to FDIC, HUD and others. Please email me with your request. We can fulfill a custom, never been shopped package that was never seen by anyone. REOS and Notes. How direct are you?

yes I would be interested.

Ron Chromey
Please take a look at http://www.loanmarket.net it is an established trading platform for notes (performing, nonperforming and reperforming) both commercial and residential. Peruse the site and if you are a bona fide buyer or seller register and sign up for increased access. Once approved, you will be able to see all necessary documents pertaining to the loans and you will be able to bid for and buy online notes nationwide. The steps are easy and the product is real. I encourage you to look at the website and press articles about LoanMarket.net. Buying and selling notes is now easy and available!

We currently have new Commercial Non Performing Notes in New York that are not yet listed on the site. Please email or call if interested.
Thanks very much,

Briant Patterson
949 212 5369


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