Please get back ASAP this will go fast. LOI and soft SPOFs to the seller/Bank only eyes. Bank is giving short window.

Contact me and lets make it a great holiday for our Families.


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Ron ,


Anything in Indiana?

Email me at, and let me know what areas in IN you need?

Please email me a list of the states and the major metro areas in those states. 

We only work with the most reputable private investors and investment groups in the country who offer very creative short-term and long-term financing secured by commercial real estate and non-recourse stock loans. With our experience and knowledge, we have the capacity to orchestrate and facilitate creative solutions for even the most difficult transaction. Minimum $250K up to $500M. We take pride in being recognized as one of the fastest in the industry.  

We are interested in all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects.  In general, we have three main criteria:
1) The project can be new construction, refinance or acquisition;
2) The market fundamentals for the project must be sound;
3) The development team must be experienced and fully engaged in the project.


100% Joint Venture Equity Financing, Large-Scale Debt Financing, Small Balance Financing, DIP Financing, Apartment Equity Participation, Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family & Assisted Living, Commercial Bridge/Hard money, Mezzanine Programs, Loans For Incoming Producing Property, Commercial Land Development Loans, and Stock Loans.

Call me at (910) 722-9550

Marcelle Ford

happy new year...

Anything in NY

Can u email me more info.


thank u


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