Reduce Your Risk and Eliminate Bad Locations with the 3L Score

A common fear amongst many business owners in today’s economic environment is that they opened their business in the wrong location.


“Although a great location may not guarantee success, a bad location will almost always guarantee failure. A new retail business needs to be where the customers are. You want a location with a reasonable degree of security, access to public transportation for your customers and employees, adequate parking for commercial as well as personal vehicles, room for an office, and that all-important sales space. Where you locate will determine the hours you keep, who your clientele is, and what types of promotions you do. Also, where you set up shop will impact how long it will take you to grow."


As businesses assess the impact of the “great recession” and position themselves for future growth, having a grasp of the changes to their local market(s) will help them achieve their goals. We have developed a new market research program called the 3L Score that is designed to be a barometer of the the economic stability and consumer spending mentality of the neighborhoods surrounding any address in the United States.


Visit our website and see a demo for yourself and then register for our Free Trial. Go to Today!


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