Istanbul real estate

Istanbul is one of the most promising real estate markets in Turkey, especially in Europe in general. Its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia is one of the most important attractions, as it is home to nearly 15 million people, in addition to its charming nature and rich resources. For those interested in safe housing and real estate investment; including the sale and purchase of apartments, villas, land, farms, shops, commercial offices, stores, buildings and other types of real estate for sale in Istanbul.


What are the most important properties for investment in Istanbul?

The answer to this question varies according to the time, place and budget of the investment, But there is no doubt that the areas overlooking the sea are at the top of the list, and attractiveness is never finish, and desire is increasing, Maybe land for sale or investment is the best option, and maybe apartments or shops or prefabricated buildings are the best, it is related to the budget and time dedicated to the investment cycle.

Real estate in Istanbul European Side

The European side of Istanbul in the coming future will be one of the most important investment fields, where the mega government projects are located, here you will find the best real estate and residential complexes in Europe. We also offer you the best search options for real estate for sale in Istanbul in European side.

There are areas in European Istanbul close to major government projects such as Istanbul canal, Istanbul's Grand Tunnel and the Third Airport, where property prices are expected to steadily increase in the surrounding areas, making it a great choice for investment and even housing.

The prices of real estate in Istanbul have risen in recent years, so real estate has become an important investment in 2017 and 2018, but buying real estate to invest in has become one of the most profitable options, where the increase in real estate prices during the last ten years within the cities as large as Istanbul have reached nearly 100 percent.

When buying real estate in Istanbul, it is not recommended to focus only on the city's famous areas, but it is recommended to head to investment areas such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, and Bahcesehir.

Projects with the government guarantee in Istanbul

What is the meaning of a real estate project guaranteed by the government?

Simply this means that the ownership of the project land belongs to the Turkish government, and that the government guarantees the completion of this project’s construction.

In this case, the government is a partner and guarantor of the project. The government is the owner of the land on which the real estate project is built and allocates the land to the construction company, so that the latter will build and develop the project.

The Government Guarantee shall be through the contract signed with it at the time of purchase where the contract provides for it; through the payments that enter its account to pay the monthly installments, and through the follow-up of the guarantee of the project progress and its timely delivery.

The construction company is responsible for the construction and development of the real estate project alongside the government, and the government is responsible for marketing and selling the project.

People who own a property in one of these projects sign the sales contract with a governmental company, and all payments to the government are made by bank transfers.

According to a law issued in 2013, foreigners are allowed to own long-term projects, usually under the government's guarantee. This has led to a strong demand from Arab investors to own and invest in real estate in Turkey.

You can watch a video recording of the property provided by Imtilak Real Estate to define the government guarantee.

Luxury properties in Istanbul

Istanbul is a destination for luxury lovers and big brands, so looking for luxury properties for sale in Istanbul will be a favorite option for the high class of the community.

With the continued expansion of the city, in Istanbul a luxury real estate areas have been developed with a wide range of markets and commercial complexes. It is close to the city center and its fascinating tourist attractions, looking for the finest apartments, residential and commercial complexes in the city and the best search for luxury properties for sale in Istanbul.

When you decide to buy a property in Istanbul, you will have a wide range of options in the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bahcesehir, Saryiar, and Bakırköy ... etc.

Anyone who wants to own or invest can buy his luxury property according to his preferences; he may prefer to look for apartments for sale in Istanbul in distinctive places or for luxury homes overlooking the sea in Istanbul, or search for luxury apartments ready in Istanbul where you will benefit from the process of leasing it monthly, and there are those who prefer to invest in land, which has been planned in advance to enter the organizational charts near major projects such as the Istanbul Canal project.

Istanbul sea view properties

Istanbul is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with its wonderful natural views, both through the vast forests that surround it, and sometimes interfere with the city, or through stunning sea views, so the option of looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul overlooking the sea will be your preferred choice of accommodation, comfort and recreation.

Real estate reports indicate that the apartments in Istanbul are of interest to foreign investors in general, and apartments overlooking the sea or lakes in particular, which causes an increase in the prices of these properties and raise the investors’ profits.

Cheap properties in Istanbul

Istanbul offers great opportunities in the real estate investment sector in terms of low prices suitable for a large segment of investors. They can find what they are looking for in many areas, whether in the coastal or in the center of the city, such as: Buyukcekmece, Bahcesehir, and Basaksehir. There are open and multiple options for real estate investment, and anyone who wants to own or invest can buy cheap properties according to the budget available and according to his preferences; it may be preferable to look for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul within one of the most cheapest areas to buy property in Istanbul, For example, there are those who prefer to invest in land, which is already known to be included in the organizational charts, with the possibility of constructing on them later, and then sell at double prices.

Property prices under construction are much more appropriate than those that are ready, and perhaps the investor or property owner can get a cheap property in Istanbul at less than 30% of the ready-made properties.

Investment in the real estate sector is highly secure and its financial returns are high. This has been evident in recent years after Turkey seen formidable developments in its development projects.

Property for sale in installments in Istanbul

In the Turkish real estate market there are currently a large number of offers on new real estate projects that facilitate the acquisition of investors and the largest possible profit, ranging from the comfortable installment of up to 20 years to start payment in 2019 with soft advances, in addition to projects that Give the possibility of installment without additional benefits.

When you decide to buy a property in installment in Istanbul, you will have a wide selection of options in the best areas of the city, such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, and Bahcesehir...

Properties sale to foreigners will be at the forefront of Turkey's real estate market development tools in 2018, by facilitating their purchase of real estate and reducing routine procedures, as well as providing the possibility of easy installment for foreign investors, in addition to the advantages granted by the Turkish state to those interested in investing in real estate, Taxes cuts and granting them Turkish citizenship if they own property of a certain value.

You can easily find all the real estate properties available for sale in Istanbul, such as shops, offices, land, houses, sea view houses, villas, and hotel apartments in the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, whether for family housing or leasing with monthly financial returns, or even profit from resale; you can also get after sales services and property management by contacting a reliable real estate consultancy such as Imtilak Real Estate.

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