Turkey is one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe. Its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia is one of the most important attractions, as it is home to nearly 80 million people, In addition to its charming picturesque nature and rich resources. It also offers promising opportunities for those seeking safe housing and profitable real estate investment, including the sale and purchase of apartments, villas, lands, farms, shops, commercial offices, warehouses and other types of real estate for sale in Turkey.
Turkey offers unique opportunities in the real estate investment sector in terms of low prices suitable for a large segment of investors, where they find what they are looking for in a variety of areas, whether in coastal or in central cities… There are open and multiple options for real estate investment, where anyone who wants to own or invest can buy real estate according to the budget available and also according to his preferences; he may prefer to search for apartments for sale in Turkey in distinctive places have its own view of the sea, and they may desire to buy old properties for investment by renovating and selling them at a higher price, or to search for ready apartments in order to benefit from the process of leasing with a monthly return, moreover, there are those who prefer to invest in a number of lands as it is known in advance that will be included in the planning schemes of cities, with the possibility of building on them later, and then sell at double prices.
Investment in the real estate sector is highly secure and the rate of financial returns is high. This has been evident in recent years after Turkey witnessed significant developments in its projects.
There are a number of advantages offered by the Turkish government to foreign investors, with the aim of encouraging them to invest in Turkey, the most important of which is granting them residence and then Turkish citizenship in accordance with specific legal controls.

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