Private money lender(s)/ investor(s) Wanted by NJDCA Registered Residential Builder/ Developer

I am a residential builder/ developer seeking a private lender(s) and/or lending group(s) willing to lend asset based, true no doc (NINANE), no escrow, non-recourse, A, D & C financing [at about 70% CLTV (completed unit LTV), and secured by 1st mortgage and note] with any interest paid at the sale of each mortgaged unit.


These loans would be used to acquire and develop land to build single family first time buyer (appox. $600K sale) and upper end move up (appox. $1M-$2M sale) infill projects in some of New Jersey's best (low tax, high value, and great schools) municipalities.

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I have a couple of lenders that can likely do this as long as you have some funds into the deal as well.   Please contact me with more details to discuss -  914.419.3059


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