We are looking for some good deals to lend on.  Willing to look at anything Real Estate or Business related.  We have a good amount of money to lend.   

Please feel free to contact me anytime.



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are you interested in Assisted Living Projects. I am developer/partner/owner and look for capital to launch this final puzzle piece finishing blueprints for final permit and purchase the land.

Josef Strauss 239 324 0224

Hi Josef,

You can email me a brief summary of the project.  We do not fund for costs of land or getting the project going.  We look at lending around 75% of the total project.  If you think your deal fits, send the summary to marc@myloenterprises.com



Hi Marc, would your company be interested in funding a real estate project that consist of purchasing distressed properties and mortgages at a discount. The properties are new foreclosures with the distressed borrower still in occupation. Our program consist of loan modification after acquisition or placing the homeowner on a buyback program subsequent to the purchasing of the property through a short sale. Would this be a project that strikes interest in your company? Please advise.


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