Hello CREPIG Members,

End of the year pick up in business made me realize that we should talk!

Since we are members here and the last quarter is now upon us, I am writing this Post so that we can connect more personally for business with those of you supporting residential real estate deals for the following reasons.... 

FIRST.  Our Non Profit for affordable housing, along with our LLC for real estate, is starting to see much more activity with our Asset Manager contacts and other investors looking to reduce their inventory and we are looking for a way to capitalize on this!  We are currently negotiating properties to be donated to our Non Profit as well… 

SECOND.  I have a local list of experienced investors that pay private lenders up to 12 percent for secured real estate loans to buy, renovate and sell distressed properties.  I am not a mortgage or real estate broker so I’m not trying to get fees by getting in the middle.   We just like to share our resources when someone asks and only if you prefer… 

THIRD. I’d like to close more deals and know a conversation between us could be good.   I would enjoy connecting with you, at no cost or obligation, to discuss your addition to our limited list of investment partners so you can check out and maybe loan on our deals.  We are only looking for 2-3 additional lending partners right now so if you are interested, please contact us. NO HARD MONEY PLEASE - We have existing relationships with Hard Money Lenders and are looking for private lenders with more flexibility and lower fees!!!


improved and unimproved land

homes, including vacation properties and condominium units

apartment buildings

mobile home and RV parks

special use facilities: school buildings, hospitals, churches, government land/buildings


Seller financed single family home for 1 year/refinanced & buy out

Wholesale single family home to local investor

Buy and Hold Condo for students attending local college

Send me a direct email at info.lfhd@gmail.com.  Or, for more information, you can call my number at 803-250-1229.  If I don’t pick up, please leave a brief message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you! 

Linda King, Treasurer   

Legacy Foundation for Housing and Development, Inc. 

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