Private funding between $50,000- $ 2 million available for non-owner occupied residential investors

Do you need a loan of $50,000- $ 2 million for residential non-owner occupied real estate? 

Bridge loans, SFR, short sales, multi-family, acquisitions, REOs, bank foreclosed residential properties, construction, flips, etc. Up to 80% LTV on the as is value or the purchase price, whichever is lower. 12 month terms, 12% int only, no pre-payment penalty, can close in 10 days.

Send your name, email address, phone #, type of loan/ project you have, amount of funding you are seeking to:


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I have a property witch I am in need of $1,600,000 net.

The purchase for the property, is $1,400,000, the rehab cost is $900,000, the owner will carry back a 2nd of $700,000.

I am buying the property at a proforma 43% loan to value

This property is a distressed  85 unit apartment complex that will have an "ARV" of  $5,300,000.

The property is in Birmingham Alabama

This property has a approximate 30% occupancy.

I have a repair value on the property.

I have a bank appraisal on the property

The valuation was arrived at using a proforma cap of 8 witch is commonly uses in the Birmingham area

A cross valuation of per unit cost was also used to arrive at the value of the property

The bank appraisal shows comps for the area to be equal to the valuation

If you are interested I can be reached:

Chuck Hernandez

Hernandez Hideaway Inc

Mergers & Acquisition Professional


Kelly hello,im tom i have a client an investor looking for 85k for fix and flip single family residence he wants to close by aug 7 please call me tom @515-230-1125 thanks.

Please call me 214-876-8453 talk about the Bridge loan for 2 million Theo Duckett 


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