Are there any Real asset Providers around that can produce products? I don't mean "Next to another that knows the Sellers Rep".

I am looking for direct reps or sellers that are actually Real. Not "I am at times the Rep or an IM". Eventually, the truth will be revealed. If so, reply...

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Yes I can read....You want some SFR Bulk REO Complied? I will step out of way, Money is Real The Product is real.
Romona: There are lots of fake people offering REO assets. The market has also changed where more buyers of REOs and less demand from end users, so the profits are not as good as they were a few years back, We done lines of credit for buyers of notes and REO properties, so if you find something good, I am happy to help on the loan/capital side. . Bryan Shaffer - George Smith Partners. 310-867-2906.


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