Hello Im Wayne Markley, I am looking for funding for a 47 unit apartment complex, it is 100% occupied and cash flowing, i have the business plan with executive summary, i have calculated numbers break down, i know that 100% financing doesnt exsist unless its a scam, i just got punked, i am real and they were not, i need real help with my project.

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Well, how much is the property selling for and how much of a down payment do you have accessible?
we are a seed company with little money and big desire, $2.9 million is the sale price, cap rate is around 8.4% i can get 10% seller assist, i am willing to do a J.V. partnership. im willing to structure this anyway to get it done.
Well, I'm not a broker for commercial financing, but I'm sure out of the many people in this CREPIG network, you'll find someone. From reading your situation, you definitely need to consider some creative financing...depending on how flexible your seller is...E-Mail me at my personal E-Mail: mariojglover@yahoo and maybe I can help you.
can u email me your executive summary @markacrayton@yahoo.com
Wayne please go to my website www.ktaconsultants.com we have 65% to 90% LTV
Please send me Executive Summary do you have 10% to 20% down ?

Thank you

Kevin Thomas
your mailbox is full, my number is 215-718-3422, my email is wmarkley@cbrealtycorp.com.
Send it again the summary or send to kevin_thomas4@yahoo.com
Are you a direct lender?
no sir i am not a lender, i am looking to get my deal funded.
Sorry i meant the question for Nick Barbaria, I'm also looking for funding
hello sir, i know how it is, its hard to find the right people to work with, if you have any luck please let me know.....wayne
definitely will let you now


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