My friend moved to the U.S. from Korea to start a better life when he was 11 years old. His mother stayed behind. He has not seen her in 16 years. He's been trying everything he can to become wealthy enough to go back and get his mother and take care of her in the U.S., but hasn't succeeded yet.
Last week, he found out his mother is very ill and has only 3 months to live. He has been working to save money, but doesn't have enough to go there and bring her back to take care of her for her last remaining days.
I'm asking anyone who reads this to put yourself in his position and open your hearts. Any kind of air mileage donation or relevant donation would help this man's life dramatically. I can only imagine the guilt he'd face if she passed away before he ever saw her again.
I've called a few airlines to see if they would reward him and his mother a trip, but I have not heard back yet. He is running out of time. I know there are some people on this website that could spare the miles or money for a plane ticket.

Estimated round trip: $2,000
One way for his mother $1,000

Please contact me through email. Thank you.

Dustin Cota

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