Performing notes for sale, secured by deeds on SFD

Over the past three years we have purchased approximately 1,000 single family homes. After securing and inspecting, we price the properties using the rental metric to establish value. We have sold over 800 of these properties, and provided the financing to the buyers. We have serviced the notes, and now are going to sell them in portfolios of $250,000 to $5,000,000. All of the notes are performing, and we have the deeds. The properties are sold using Land Contracts. We will provide payment history on all of the notes, as well as detailed information regarding each property.

Interest rate range from 11% to 12 1/2%, note value approximately $27,000, term 12-17 years.

We will offer servicing for 6 months so buyer can become familiar with all aspects of collections.

All files are electronically scanned and stored, and access will be provided to qualified buyers.

We will discount to provide yields of 18%


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Are you selling just the performing note or deeds with a performing note?

Are they seasoned?

Can we cherry pick?

We are selling the notes, and the deeds go with them.  All of sales have been "Land Contracts" so the deeds remain with the notes until they has been satisfied. The notes are seasoned, between 1 -3 years old. We service the notes ourselves, and have all of the payment history. We are not going to allow someone to access all of our files to buy a small number of notes. If you are interested in purchasing $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 of notes, we will allow you to choose from our portfolio of approximately $9,000,000. We will discount the notes to achieve a return of approximately 18%.

Carll Burr


I'm interested in listing a group of your note with my investor i am sure that we will be able to get them sold fast if you list it with me so i can present to my investor there is no contract and no obligation to sell with me until you find an offer that satisfies your needs. please contact me by email or phone or call 909-821-4072 or check out my website
I'm interested in your notes for sale I'm a note finder and i have group of buyers that would be interested in theses notes i would like a list if possible to get offers for you on these notes. if you interested let me know.
We do not rely on credit scores. Our main focus is on rental history, and employment. Our performing notes are 18-30 months old. The majority of our buyers have greater then 20% equity
I am a principle buyer who has access to the funds needed to buy notes and portfolios. send me a email with more info on what you have. I can provide a POF letter with my offers.
send me your email and i will forward you the info on the notes for sale.
Carll,I am a broker direct to a group of investors who have a strong interest in the acquisition of performing notes for sale.Send any and all info. my way,so that I can present it to my buyers.Im sure they will counter with a Reasonable Offer ,ASAP. Email: Thanks.shane. 808-769-3666.
We can not just out lists of our notes. Our performing notes have LTV's between 50%-80%. The buyer gets the physical deeds, until thee note is satisfied. We would need confidentiality agreements, evidence of buyers ability to perform, non-distribution agreements. Once this is complete, we would send a pool, based on buyers requirements. The pool cannot be broken up. If you are interested in just purchasing a few notes, we probably are not the right fit. Thanks
If you are the seller, I have a hedge fund that buys product $1M to $10M.  Please send your portfolio pricing.
We have a $50k minimum note amount requirement.  We also require that all borrowers have at least 10% down and credit of no less than 580.  If you have any notes that quilify, I would be happy to take a look at them.  We always rely on credit and equity. 580 is prety direty and a lot lower than most note buyers will go as far as credit!


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