I have a tremendous selling source that has currently fresh and current non-shopped inventory of Owner Financed Notes in different states for those direct Principal Buyers/Investors that are immediately looking to buy owner financed notes.

My selling source provides the option to find a custom solution to suit your lifetstyle and parameter of buying these Performing and Non-Performing SFR notes.

You can purchase the notes in any amount and manage your notes in any way you choose.

You get to look through their list of notes and fine the ones you want to purchase,and you get to since you have access to a diverese list of notes available to you,you get to customize your note portfolio for the maximum potential of your money.

If you are a direct Buyer/Investor only,then contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com



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If you could send me more info on your notes I am direct with the group that purchases 1 to 400 notes on single family

at a time.



Contact me we have a number of large NPN buyers. No B/S are you direct to the seller, if so contact me @ fjoseph@mulhollandequity.com


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