Off Market Deals CA, HI - Hotels, office, retail

Off market deals -  we are direct on these deals 


Boutique Hotel- Santa Monica Los Angeles $ 28M - Room to add additional rooms.

Four Points LAX - $ 54.5 M we are direct to owner, reposition asset with room to add additional SF

Ritz Carlton - Maui - cost over $ 500M to build, part Lehman assets, $ 220M plus brokers fees  (this is an amazing asset)


Prestige Hotel S. California Del Mar - $ 215 M

Arrowhead - Vacant Hotel, Near Los Angeles ideal redevelopment historic with tax advantages, great development opportunity.  $ 15M (great opportunity)

Carpenteria - Development for CA beach from Hotel/mixed use retail.  We are the developers seeking partners


San Fransisco - 4 star Nob Hill prestige Hotel $ 110 M

Los Angeles Class A tower Office bldg d/town$ 70 M -

Murrietta -  Retail Center REO $ 4M


We are interested in off market deals $ 10M > Hotels, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily - any metro city.  Contact me direct 818.591.0011

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