Off Market Commercial Properties! Investment/Partnership Offer! Lines Of Credit!

Off Market Commercial Properties! Investment/Partnership Offer!
Off Market Commercial Properties
Please review the attached list. These are all Apartment Buildings, up and running! If after reviewing you would like more info, please submit your contact information
ComResInvestments currently has a client that is offering the following Investment/Partnership opportunity:
"I have two properties under contract, both located in the Hartford, CT market. One property is 84 units; seller wanted 6M, got him down to 5.1M.
Second property is 27 units; offered seller his 2.3M price. (I think of the two properties, this one is superior, based on many factors which we do not
need to go into now...) Seller wanted to sell both props as a package.

Both have very strong occupancy history, both seem to be very well run and maintained. Full due diligence scheduled to begin shortly.

Both properties have a first mortgage which will need to be assumed as part of the purchase. 84 unit property matures March 2016, and 27 unit
property matures July 2014. Total purchase = 7.4M, with approx 3M needed to close.


1. I am willing to assign this deal to an investor who is willing to proceed with it to closing. 

2. I am willing to partner with you or someone you recommend.

3. I am willing to offer an attractive rate of interest on a second mortgage on each property, as follows: 

The 27-unit mortgage matures in July 2014, and will need to be extended or refinanced at that time. Mortgage balance is approximately $1,360,000; 
existing first mortgage must be assumed. Needed to close: approx. $920K.

The 84-unit mortgage matures in March 2016, but can be repaid anytime after July 2015. Mortgage balance approx. $3,100,000, must be assumed.
Needed to close: approx. $2M.

The above details give an investor a relatively short period of time before being paid, which is a plus. Naturally, upon refinancing, the same investor
can continue to be involved if desired. I would be willing to offer 8% to an investor if he/she is willing in turn to receive that return upon refinance or
sale as outlined above.

I can furnish financial info, rent rolls, etc. if you want to see them. 

I am going into this deal with the primary motivation of trying to buy my wife and me a solid retirement. We thought we had one, but the economy
has been brutal, and we are down to nothing but our Social Security benefits. I have a very well qualified real estate attorney in Hartford, John Allisi, lined up. He has agreed to be paid at closing with a minimal retainer. My LOI is signed by seller, with Purchase Agreement scheduled to be signed on or before 7/16 with payment of 10K earnest money which I am also in the hunt for."
Additional information on both properties is attached and financials are also available upon request. If you are interested in learning more about this offer, with your full name and best contact number.
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Please submit your info here to be contacted:

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Hi Patrick,

My partner and myself are direct reps to a buyer who is actively buying MFU in TX, MI, FL, IL and Ga..  I need to look at anything you have in those locations.. He closes fast and I know because I've sold him properties in the past...  Please if you have the inventory that meets his criteria we can move forward..   contact me at beverlyhankerson@gmail or call 313-743-4737.  Thanks


Please contact me regarding the Dallas area properties. 

PJ Ploss




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