I have 23 off market commercial properties totaling 3.7 million sq feet.  Can take all or one.  Recent appraisals on all.  Acquisition price roughly 20% of current appraisal. Call for details 310-728-5030 

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Bryce,i have assured well capitalized Buyers that are looking for current true Off-Market Commercial properties and they are experienced and ready Buyers,are you compensated by your sellers? I would be interested in seeing what types of commercial properties you have and pricing,also your contact number.


You can reach me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com


Don Carter

Principal Facilitator


Have strong institutional buyer.

What type of properties?

In general the properties are light manufacturing/warehouse.  They are value add with tremendous upside. Acquisition price around 2 dollars a foot.  Call 310-728-5030 to talk directly.


Bryce Grafton

Off Market twenty-four (24) floor, ±331,464 SF GBA, Class “A” high-rise office tower located Los Angeles

Must Sell Quick for a Great Price! All inquires will need to submit an (Letter Of Intent and Proof of Funds) Funding available as well. After submission I will send out Income, Preliminary Report,Rent Rolls, and Property Tax.

I am direct to seller.

Note: Lending Institution say it is a great deal and they will finance quickly.


Please call me Al Roberson 310-482 -2331 direct office

mobile 202-425-0885

avroberson@kwcommercial.com 310-482-2331

Bryce,i saw your posting and I wanted to see if you still currently have quality immediate Off-Market or Private listing MF properties,i know you had mentioned about having 23 properties,we have a couple of our well capitalized Buyers that only buy credible deals from credible direct sellers and they will also provide documentation once they have ascertained that we have real offers and that we can get information and or overview on the properties for sale.


You must be direct seller or sellers rep,do not bring any broker chains.We are looking for either nationwide product or properties in the diamond states and at least 50+ units and up.


You can reach me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com


Don Carter

Principal Facilitator


Need Hotels In los Angeles,Calif. is there some in the package?



Please forward additional information; Rent Roll, P&L, Must recent appraisal. reachecap@gmail.com

Thanks For Your Time


Mr. Rob Robinson, REIF Consultant
1-814-619-7880  fax
1-605-715-4900 Conference Line


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