NPNs available for those who are SERIOUS and REAL. Also need REAL REO sellers with REAL Products for REAL Buyers. Definitely NO "I have this and I have that > so PROOF UP before we start". I DON'T THINK SO! Get with the program and let's make it a win win on both ends. In todays market, too many wanna bees out there with no products to deliver or has not close any deals. Also, too many IMs just trying to build their contact list and can't perform. Those of you that have connected with me knows the real thing. So, if Your REAL and Interested to make something happen, email me direct at: I have many Buyers with their wish list and can connect to right Real Person for continuous business transactions. JUST BE REAL AND HONEST! Thanks

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We are principals / buyers 

Mario, please call me, Dru 702-997-8970.  My company is direct to bank for NPNs & some REOs -- I get my product directly from bank asset managers.

Hi Mario,


I source investments for cash buyers and I have a great opportunity for a buyer:


This is the information on this tape. It's a $50 Million Tape in North Carolina. It's all SFR and the homes are all brand new. The pricing is 55 cents on the dollar. The homes are over most of North Carolina with a number of homes in Charlotte. Buyer must have LOI and SPOF(only required bank officers contact information, no account info. needed) to get the tape. 
This is a excellent opportunity for a buyer to buy brand new homes in North Carolina for 55 cents on the dollar. Should you have buyers interested a conference call can be scheduled with them providing the LOI and SPOF.
More of this type of product will be available in the near future for buyers.
Please contact me at


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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