I have a client who needs to purchase NPNS asap.We do  not wish to waste any  time,his present capacity is $200MM,with the potential to increase.Please arrange that he  speaks only  to the Principal or a fully authorized Rep on a conference call that I will arrange.

POF/LOI will only be sent to the Principal.

Locations: Florida,Texas,California,Nevada,Arizona Colorado

Type: SFR

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Hi Richard,


We are direct with Seller(s) and can provide custom specified Non-performing note packages. If you are direct with BUYERS that are searching for product throughout the United States, we can help you in locating NPNS that can meet your criteria. Our process begins by first finding out exactly what type of product you are interested in and the specific location(s). Please send your inquiries to khafra@kmtrealproperties.com; E-Fax: 866-708-1492 or Call 916-248-8660.  Thanks!



We are Wish Realty; a company in California selling Bulk REO and NPN form 1 Million and up. NO DAISY CHAINS - WE DEAL DIRECT WITH SELLER'S REP TO CONCLUDE THE DEALS. Be prepared to sign our NCND agreement, provide us with signed LOI(s), and POF. If interested please send email at iquebec01@gmail.com



Have a colleague who can help you.


Start out with a million or two, get to know each other, they can make introductions to the larger trading desks.

If buyer is willing to start small and work their way up, let me know. Our protocol is very simple. Start with a phone call with the principal buyer, they provide POF, then review inventory. We allow cherry picking on most tapes, but will try to compile according to your criteria. We provide all the due diligence documents up front, so no offers are necessary until DD has been performed. If we can agree on price, we close in 5 days.



I have commercial NPNS. Location: Phoenix AZ. LOI and soft POF gets you what you want. I am direct to bank asset manager. If interested email me damen.cain@gmail.com.




I have commercial NPNS. Location: Phoenix AZ. LOI and soft PDF gets you what you want. I am direct to bank asset manager. If interested email me damen.cain@gmail.com.

Hello Edzer

I can help you as I currently have CA SFR NPN's..


Please email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com

We have one package available that we are trying to sell ASAP because our previous buyers fell through.  It is a $30 mil package of NPN's in various states nationwide. States include AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MI, MS, MO, NV, OH, PA, TN, TX and more. Please send for sanitized list. After review, will need LOI and POF to move forward. Contact: comresinvest@aol.com to receive sanitized list.
Please email me at andre@profitfromrentals.com, i can assist you......
I have an extensive list, let me know when you want to arrange a call.
How about single family home reo bulk through Non'profit.???? are they selling packages and or compiling?

GREAT! I have a portfoliothat has the product you are looking for. We can get started as soon as you send me your e-mail address. No chains! Must be direct to buyer.



David Green


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