No Risk,No UP Front Fees,We Will Help Fund All Your Commercial Projects.USA,Canada,Carib,Europe....

Do you have a great project? Are you getting worried and frustrated? We can help fund your acquisition and development, commercial, residential and retail projects. From $1 million to $100 billion, we have competitive rate and fast closings. Never an upfront fee to review your project,approval in 24 hrs in most cases.

Motels,Hotels,Apartments,Mixed Use,Resorts,Nursing Homes,Senior Apartments,Assisted Living Facilities,Nursing Homes,Hospitals,Land,Shopping Centers,Truck Stops,Office Buildings,Automobile,Dealerships,Day Care Centers,Golf Courses,C-Stores,Manufacturing Facilities,Movie Theaters,Shopping Malls..ect......Send your Exec Summary  to see if your project is fundable.


Please contact me for more details information...

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I am need construction funding for a hotel,..send me your direct contact 817-323-4330

I have a project on developing upscale university student accommodation in Cameroon. I wish to find out if you can work with projects in Cameroon.

Thank you


Ayuk Samuel


Do you get the impression no one here wants to fund your deal? I do. You said it yourself, it's because of where the project is located.


Try the Government of Cameroon.

James, am not sure what problem you have with Cameroon, but I find your comment to Ayuk offensive to say the least......As much as going through a university or some form of educational institution does not make you educated, for the sake of the word "PROFESSIONAL" in the title of this group I would very much appreciate if I don't have to read through your ignorant remarks while utilizing this network......With all due respect, you need to bear in mind that each and every member of this group has as much right to source and network with other members as you do without the threat of verbal abused or intimidation from you......And most importantly, that though not the target of your abuse, other members of the group like myself might be offended by having to read through such comments while using the resources made available on this forum....Cheers, Ogechi


The comments you are referring to are best delt with not even acknowledging them. They try to elevate themselves by degrading others. They also must have a lot of time on their hands to be able to respond to such comments. 

I've learned that you have to kick a lot of bushes before you find a rabbit and you never know who is for real or not. So I applaud your input and hope that eventually they realize how unprofessional and negative their comments and perspectives are.

Good luck,

Mike Strand

Hi Edzar,


Please send me some information and details on your programs. Rates, terms, etc.

Please send to

I have 2 projects that I might need funding for.  One is a multi family in Florida and the other is 2 new retail/restaurant services in Canada. Let me know what we can do to make this happen.


What is your email? We might be able to help with the funding of the multifamily in FL. 

Hi Edzar,


I have a client looking for financing for Bright's Music Park. I have attached a executive summary and other information for your review.


What is your number please?





Send me a email at with your contact information, so we can chat.



Geez man:

Hedge Funds don't even go to $100 Billion. Is this going to be a syndicated deal? I will see when he contacts me.


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