Velocity is a direct, wholesale lender offering No Income Verification Loans Nationwide for borrowers looking to purchase investment residential, and commercial properties. We never look at tax returns or income statements and no DTI  Analysis. We’re great for business owners that write off a lot of their income.

We finance Investor 1-4s, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Warehouse, and we can lend on Owner Occupied 2+ Units (No O/O SFRs). 

Velocity is a Par lender, not hard money; we charge no points, but allow the broker to make up to 5 points on every deal.  All loans are 30 years fully amortized with the option of either a ‘3 Year Fixed’ or ‘8 Year Fixed’.  We’re asset based, credit driven, and perfect for investors that aren’t getting qualified with traditional institutions.

Key Points:

  • Agents/Brokers can make up to 5 points on each deal (2 pts rebate)
  • PAR Pricing – We charge no points
  • No up-front fees
  • Offering Loans from $75k - $5M
  • No Balloons, 30yr amortized term
  • Minimum FICO: 650
  • No DTI Analysis
  • Table Funding option available

Cayla Langhammer Account Executive
I would love to help you out with your clients or borrowers  who are having trouble qualifying with banks because  of low credit, DTI ratios, or simply don’t want to show income statements/tax returns. Contact me for an updated rate sheet.

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