We are working directly with the owners/sellers of a newly constructed Embassy Suites hotel in Salt Lake City.  The owners opened the hotel in January 2013 and need to get out.  Hotel is currently operated under a lease agreement with the city and a new investor can take over the entire $35M operation with $3.5M.  Hotel is operating in the RED and is projected to start making a profit in the spring.  Great opportunity for an experienced hotel investment firm to obtain a $35M hotel with roughly 10% upfront cost.  Anyone interested should give me a call for additional information.


Kindest Regards,


David Harrell

Hytech Consulting &

Hytech Investment Group, LLC

404-916-6525 Cell

404-795-0767 Fax


Conference: 661-673-8600

Code: 348191

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David is this still avaliable? let us know


Please call me 202-425-0885 mobile

avroberson@kwcommercial.com 310-482-2331


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