New 100% LTV Bank Securitization Funding Program

I am pleased to inform you that we are now providing 100% LTV funding for all types of commercial real estate and business opportunities over $10M on a GLOBAL basis.

If you have your own cash-backed instrument already, we provide extremely competitive monetisation rates and programs. Please send a CIS in the first instance for a principal-to-principal discussion.

Alternatively, if you require us to provide the instrument, principals will require 1% – 2% for the instrument fees (min, $350K). If you do not have any funds, please do NOT contact us, as fees must be paid prior to funding.

Brokers are protected, but MUST provide principal contact information and allow us to work directly with the principal.

Funding is typically 10 business days depending on the deal and instrument (program dependant).

I look forward to working with you.

Darryl Cox

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Any up front fees required?
As already mentioned, if fees are due, they'd be payable prior to funding.


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