As a project owner you will secure a 100% interest in the Netzero real estate project after completion. The project owner will also receive 100% of the long term asset appreciation and 95% off any on-going operational returns. We also have access to properties and or land sold at significantly discounted prices. We aim to deliver a high yielding but affordable business model ensuring the highest standards of quality and design are achieved.  We also can convert low cost foreclosed property into economical Netzero energy efficient properties.

All properties will be constructed to the highest specification using only the best quality local and imported materials. Available option: EV Charging Pad with or without electric vehicle, Solar power generation, energy storage power system, biogas waste to energy, water generator, energy remote monitoring system,  Intelligent Electricity Reduction system, alternative energy efficient lighting.  We can provide on or off  grid eco friendly NetZero  real estate opportunities.

According to a report by Pike Research, worldwide revenue from zero energy buildings will grow rapidly over the next two decades, reaching almost $690 billion by 2020 and nearly $1.3 trillion by 2035.   The zero net energy consumption principle is gaining considerable interest as renewable energy harvesting is a means to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional building consumes 40% of the total fossil energy in the US and European. Energy use can be measured in different ways (relating to cost, energy, or carbon emissions) and, irrespective of the definition used; different views are taken on the relative importance of energy harvest and energy conservation to achieve a net energy balance. Technically, zero energy building designs are feasible for many building types in many regions.

eCap is the commercial financing division for eMpasys - Please visit eCap for further information…

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