My group is seeking a high net worth individual to join our purchasing LLC. as a managing principal. There is no cost. We need this individual to help us obtain successful financing utilizing their high net worth and strong credit rating. 

Our current project is 107 apartment units being purchased for $3.1MM in the Houston area. We will need to obtain a financing package of approx. $2.2MM.

Our Sponsor will need a minimum net worth of $1.4MM with liquidity minimum of $130K.
If you or anyone you know may be able to help and would like to know the benefits please call or email me for more details.

Kindest Regards,

David Glover

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Hello David,
I am a business broker and facilitator working with group of investors who are ready to fund project with lease bank instrument such as bg, sblc, mtn and cd.
The funding condition involves the client to give pof or 5% face value of the bank instrument in an escrow account and after verification and confirmation the 5% will be release to the provider. So get back to me via email or phone let talk.
Jide abe
I have an existing project funding opportunity which is available upon verification. Funds are a Humanitarian gift to my project and looking for a group to partner with if a good fit. If interested 352-226-3535 to see how we would match.
Hello Bonnie,

We can work together on this just send me more details via email
Hello David,

My name is Bonnie Laslo, and I have a 150+ unit outside of Houston, TX already and have the net worth you are looking for & experience. (400+units I personally own) My other managing partner has the excellent credit & liquid to assist, as I'm restructuring my smaller portfolios.
If this is of any assistance let us know, and we can discuss more.
Hi Bonnie,

Please call me to discuss.




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