Have bulk REO source one from the banks and they perform. They only offer inventory of the banks they represent. Zions, Wells Fargo, BB&T are among them, as well as several small community banks with whom they have exclusive representation.

Let me know if you want to explore the possibilities of purchasing bundles from our banks' inventory, will provide direct contact on reply to this message, please confirm you can follow protocol including POF/LOI, email miraenotes(at)gmail(dot)com,
Kind Regards,
Jeremy Paton

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Hello Mr. Paton,
We are private bankers, connected to a Hedge Fund seeking Residential Bulk Reo and Non-Perfroming loans. If you are driect to a seller we would like to work with you. We do not sign set fee agreement before the deal is complete,
If we are provided with what we seek, we have no problem providing a POF and issued an LOI. As well, we place principal buyer with the principal seller only. No, in between brokers will do, principal buyer must be direct to principal seller.

The following is what we seek.

Residential non-performing loans:
• 1st lien position
• Balances between $250,000 and $800,000 for residential (generally, but no low balance loans)
• SFR, Townhome, Condo. We are seeking Commercial Projects as well.
• Preferably in good markets on the East Coast and West Coast, but will look at good collateral nationwide
• $5mm- $40mm portfolios are "sweet spot" sizes. For Commercial projects sweet spot of course can be higher.
You must be direct to the seller. Please verify this before sending it our way. No Broker Chain.
We will also need specific pricing expectations, color, and know that they are committed to selling the portfolio.
Please make sure that the deal meets all the above criteria, otherwise it will not be seriously considered.
We will need the asset tape along with details an order to move forward from there.

If you and your seller are able to work with the above mentioned criteria, we are ready to move forward.

Dennis Smith
SII Capital Financing
(253) 833-5797
Hello Dennis,

Many thanks for your message, I have emailed you details of 2 tapes I have available now which may interest you. There is also an option to build a custom tape matching your criteria.

Tapes are unsanitized, custom tapes need POF/LOI prior to seeing tape. Seller source for custom tapes performs particularly well in SoCal.

I also have several big hotels 70M-1.6B available now, let me know if interested. Everything mentioned here is direct to seller, I'd be very happy to get you in touch with sources immediately,

Best Regards,
Jeremy Paton
If your direct to selling entity, I would be very interested to see what you have to offer - just sent you a quick email. Thx
I have a few buyers whats the cents on the dollar of these SFR's, what are they going for and what states; the points/commision?
Have 65+4, 68+5, 68+4 and one as low as 47+4 for CA,

Very interested in the 47+4 and My Buyer is ready for as low as 25 MM up to 100MM
Hello Jeremy,
I received this email but nothing was there. It is happening quite a bit with us on this forum. Would you be so kind as to send all responses to me via our emai dennis@SiiCapitalFinancing.com. This way we do not have this problem. We could not use the 2 tapes you sent, not enough product, tape old.

It would be ideal for us, if you had off market tape/product and or fresh tape. Perfroming, NPN Loans Residential and Commercial.

Thank You
Dennis Smith
SII Capital Financing
(253) 833-5797

Dennis Smith
Hello Dennis,

Thanks for your response, will get a mail to you in a few hours with fresh tape and truly off market properties,

Do you have So. CA. assets and if so what is the minimum purchase amount?


Chet Mazakas
Orders typically 50m-1b+, have reliable custom tape builders who can go as low as 1m, sent you direct contact details, good luck!

Thanks Jeremy,
I'll give them a call Monday morning.

Best regards,

Perfect Chet, they deliver, good luck!

Kind regards,


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