Can’t locate a REAL Seller/Mandate? Seller can’t prove ownership of instrument? Intermediaries fighting over boxes?
If you are a serious, ready, willing and able buyer of MTN’s or BG’s. If you have POF and you are willing to follow procedures contact us right now and see how we simplify what others make so difficult.
Please send a contact number & email.

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Let me know if can offers me MTN's :

7.5% Preferred
Cash Backed
80+1 or lower

We,............................................................, registered as an, represented by....................................., Chairman/CEO, the undersigned, with full corporate authority and legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury hereby confirm, that we are ready, willing and able to purchase the following bank instruments described herein, with good, clean, clear United States Dollars (USD) or Euros (€), which are free of any liens or encumbrances, freely transferable and of non-criminal origin, based on the terms and conditions stated herein:

Bank Instruments Particulars

Instruments: Medium-term, senior, cash-backed, unsubordinated bank debentures (MTNs), 322 format, with 144c exclusions, and subject to the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, ICC

Publication – 400/500 revised, global issue and USA eligible.

Issuers: Top 50 western European money centred Banks.

Currency: USD

Term: Ten year

Interest rate: Seven point five (7.5 %) percent, fixed, p.a.

Age: Live, existing, Euroclear screenable notes,

First closing dates:

Maturity dates:


Common Codes:

Contract amount: 50B with R AND E TO 500B TO UNLIMITED AMOUNT

First tranche: Face value of five hundred million USD (USD 500,000,000), or as agreed by the Parties

Tranche schedule: One billion United States Dollars (USD 1,000,000,000), per day, five days per week, and a final Invoice of five hundred million United States Dollars (USD 500,000,000) in face value, or as agreed by the Parties

Invoice price: …… (XX.Y %) percent of face value, or better.

Consultant’s fees: One (1.0 %) percent, of face value, in total, split evenly between the Buyer’s sides and Seller’s side representatives.

Mode of purchase: Euroclear trade & settlement – screen, buy & pay.

Mode of payment: Euroclear on-screen payment via E.F.T.

Delivery: Electronic, via Euroclear data base.

Transaction Procedure.

1. Buyer issues and delivers, to the Owner/Seller, this signed Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO), with Buyer’s banking details, and other requested attachments.

2. Owner/Seller accepts the trade, countersigns the ICPO, adds Seller’s Coordinates,

and returns the documents to the Buyer.

Within Eight (8) banking hours, Seller will e-fax/email to the Buyer, direct, the

Corporate Invoice (C.I.) for the first tranche.

The C.I. must contain the following:

· Euroclear screen print-downs of the Ownership page of the C.I.L., denoting the current registered Owner and the transactional history of the Notes.

· Euroclear screen print-downs of the relevant Transacting & Settlement Codes required to locate, screen, and validate the instruments.

· Any, and all other pertinent data, (CUSIP, ISIN, Custodial Safekeeping Receipt numbers; text of the Bank Instrument showing, terms, denominations, Issuing Bank, dates of issue and maturity, and the Bond Power-Beneficiary with complete address).

All this pertinent data will be necessary for the Buyer to authenticate and validate this data, of the Invoiced Instruments, via Euroclear; together with the complete payment instructions; and guarantee of Seller’s Bank to electronically deliver, the Invoiced Bank Instruments.

4. Upon the receipt of the total, complete, accurate Invoice data, the Buyer’s Euroclear operative at the Security firm, ........will validate and verify all the codes, as supplied on the Euroclear screen print-downs attached to the Invoice, and will confirm, on screen, to the Seller’s Euroclear operative, at the coordinates provided, to trade the instruments and he will make payment for the instruments, via screen EFT, upon validation & authentication of the balance of the data in the Corporate Invoice, as supplied by the Owner/Seller, direct to the Buyer.

Settlement will be on Euroclear screen, with EFT.

Ownership to be transferred to the Buyer, electronically, via Euroclear data base, only.

The commission & fees will be paid to the respective intermediaries, as per the FPA.

Buyer’s Banking Coordinates

As per the Attached Addendum “A”

Seller’s Banking Coordinates

Name of Bank: To be advised

Address of Bank

SWIFT code

Banking officer

ID of Euroclear operative




Account Name

Account no.

Details of the Seller’s Bank coordinates are to match coordinates, as presented in the C.I.

Improper release of the above banking information, for any reason, without the written prior authorization of other party, shall be considered as a breach of contract and will make a defaulted party to be actionable for damages sustained hereby. Buyer warrants and confirms that they will accept the referenced instruments in accordance with compliance requirements when presented for purchase, and pay the invoice price upon verification and authentication of instruments.

Disclaimer: Buyer acknowledges this Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) is undertaken on a private placement basis and does not constitute a public offering, nor solicitation, nor does this undertaking constitutes a security, nor a security offering, as defined by the US Securities Law of 1933 Act, (the “Securities Act”) , the 1934 Act, and as further amended.
Dear Alina

I have standby buyer of MTN with bellow details :

Term: 10 yrs
Coupon: 6%
Price: Up to 85 +1
Contract Size: Up to 50B
POF: Must be able to verify desk to desk. Has a trading desk at large clearing firm based in Chicago
Payment: Must be able to pay in direct desk to desk fashion with DTC preferred

Remaining procedures pretty standard.

Please email me directly if you have or know of something that fits the bill.

Me-Mr.x-Trader of security house-buyer
I am looking for a $300M Bank Guarantee. The Client has already has a funder for their transaction( Wachovia Bank). Please contact me either by email or cell 817 937 9012. Charles Key


We offer bank instruments on lease but not direct funding. These bank instruments can be in the form of Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) as well as PBs, LCs, DLC et al. Our bank instruments can be monetized with a Lender or Funding or can be used as a Collateral for Loans as well as for all kinds of Trade, Commodity trading and others.

Also these instruments can be put in PPP, etc. Please do let me know of your willingness to proceed and I will be glad to share with you our working procedures.


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