Need Hard Money for projects in Detroit metro area for clients. I am loan officer/Real Estate Agent.Commercial and Residential. Will work with closely



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Hi Eric,
We provide hard money and rehab loans nationwide. Please contact me at
Hi Eric,

I have sent your loan package as per your request. Thank you for contacting me.

Kind Regards

Dedra Allen
Hello Mr. Waldon,
We offer Private Bridge Capital for income producing commercial projects.
$2 to $30 Million, 1-3 years. Please visit our web for particulars on terms and conditions of funding. If we can be of service to you let us know. Thank You

Dennis Smith
SII Capital Financing
(253) 833-5797
Eric - Gauntlet Capital has Hard Money available for commercial transactions $1 million and above either acquisition or refinance.

We have two funds; one is short Term Bridge loans and the second is intended for longer term more stabilized loans. Now, we do have select cases where we will provide minimal construction monies to finish a project or complete the stalled construction.

I have attached Gauntlet’s Intake form and our website below for your reference. The Intake form can be used for any commercial scenario in excess of $1 million, so please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions. I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you.

Please take a moment and visit our website

Yours Truly,
Peter Benson
Manager, Business Development
Gauntlet Commercial Real Estate Capital, LLC.

O: 866.865.6647 ext.1004
D: 480.941.3090
F: 480.947.3971

We can provide loans up to 80% of the value of your SECURITIES with a FIXED interest rate from 3% (interest only). The minimum loan size is one million dollars ($1,000,000) with no maximum.

The following Securities are acceptable for the loan:

US Stocks
International Stocks
Bonds (Bank issued)
Corporate Bonds (Blue Chip)
Mutual Funds
U.S. Treasuries

We can provide a very competitive and attractive securities based loan that is non-recourse, which means NO personal liability to you. These securities can be pledged as collateral for a very low FIXED interest rate loan. Use the loan funds for any purpose.

Our Securities Loan program will accept all forms of free-trading securities, such as Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Stock options, etc. on both U.S. and International Securities exchanges, UK, Canada, Europe, etc.

A securities loan is the lending of funds collateralized by shares of publicly traded securities that you OWN, U.S. or international. It gives the borrower access to the liquidity of the assets without actually selling the Securities. The term of the securities loan is typically three to ten years and the securities are returned upon repayment of the loan.

The Securities Loan is Non-Recourse – with NO personal liability. A non-recourse Loan is secured by some form of collateral, your securities. If there is a default, the borrower keeps the loan proceeds and the lender only claims the collateral. The borrower’s liability is limited to the collateral pledged for the loan. In fact, the borrower has the right to walk away from the loan at anytime.

With Non-recourse Securities loans, there is never any effect on your credit record either in default. No hoops to jump through, no heavy paperwork, no fine print. Just your securities acting as collateral for the loan.


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