Need bridge funding for bulk REOs Phoenix $1mil to $3mil.

In process of securing contract for Bulk Purchase of REOs.  Would like another source for transaction funding and 120 day funding while homes are wholesaled.  Preferred that both types are from same source.  Will only entertain private financing do not want/need traditional bank type sources.  Want to be able to close in HOURS not days, lol Just kidding I do deal in reality.... sometimes.....

The homes will be wholesaled quickly as i have a very large list of buyers for properties valued for quick sale.  This will be repeated as often as the lender allows.

Additionally, should there be a contact out there direct with sellers of Bulk REO's or non listed distressed multi family units under 100 units lets see if we can work together.  I do not want a daisy chain of people, those deals never get done.......... If you want to refer someone you need to do more that a phone call.  Lets WORK together........


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send an Executive Summary along with funding request.


Best regards,

Michael Burritt

Steven ,


shame, shame, shame on you...


you come to me with a hand full of gimme and a mouthful of much obliged...


It's what I've come to expect from so-called professionals on this forum...


which is nothing....




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