Pardon my ignorance but I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice or direction on a situation I have. I have been in real estate business primarily in the area of commercial appraisal and residential brokerage for the last 20 years or so (yea I know it sounds funny).

Anyway about 5 years ago I became disabled and unable to go out in the field any longer. So I started doing BPOs from home with the assistance of an outside agent. During this time I created strong relationships with most of the banks.

Now I am finding that I am hearing about commercial foreclosures from them before they are listed with a broker. I feel that this is something to capitalize on. These are properties that are not yet on the market. This situation exists for these properties for a very short time window as they want to get them listed and sold to get off their books. I cant list them as they want to always go with the big boys, and I dont have the buyers as such I dont know how I would get paid. But the knowledge of these tempoarily off market properties I would think would be worth something. Maybe if an agent brings a buyer I can get a one time showing listing agreement I dont know.

I am looking for investors that can act quickly to purchase thes properties at steep discounts before they are listed, people that have to act fast on these opportunities.


Any advice or direction would be appreciated as I get sick wathing all these properties slip through the cracks to get marked up once brokers get a hold of them.


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Please call me Chris at 2016160091


I have buyers ready, email me or call me 909-433-1920





Give me a call at (610) 506-4977 or e-mail me and we can talk if they are off-market we can get these properties sold.      





please call my partner Rodney about this 408-667-3890

Please shoot me an email and mention this post.




Hi Chris,

My name is Terry Pierce. I source investments for a Hedge Fund that makes all cash offers on commercial property with no financing contingencies. We will be able to close in as little as 30 days or less.

I'm actively looking for OFF MARKET DEALS in major metro areas in the following assets classes:



Student housing



Two Cash Buyers, two price ranges.

$2-$10 million

$2- $100 million

Class B or A

100 Units +

$600 Rent per unit +

10% Cap rate or higher

Cash flowing

With great up side story


Also, willing to sign an NCND to consider your deal.


Look forward to chatting with you.

Feel free to email or call me.


Thank you, have an extraordinary day.



Terry Pierce

Sourcing Agent


We would be interested if the properties are in our neck of the woods here in Ca. I would like to speak to you>

B.Michael White





We have bulk buyers and would love to connect with you to discuss further.Please contact me at or call me at 510-366-8820.




I hope I am not going to offend any of these people who will reply to you, but I am not here to make friends just as those here are really not here for my friendship either. This is business.


Sounds like your onto a good opportunity, don't blow it by getting involved with people who talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Some who will respond to you don't have what it takes to get the deal done, meaning either money or a real buyers POF that they can provide to you.


Off Market properties are like gold. In the hands of the right people, you can make money, allowing the wrong people to deal with you is dangerous. Here is what I suggest.


1. Create a protocol sheet, which lists what it will take to do business with you. Hint, it's the same as a serious player is going to expect from you.


2. Look at anyone who contacts you as a BS Artist until they can meet the standards of your protocol sheet.


3. Don't take anyone's word that they can get your properties sold, because truth be told, no one can guarantee anything.


4. Anyone who says they are representing a hedge fund, ask for the contact information of the hedge fund and call them. Don't call and ask for the person who's name your provided, call and ask to speak to the managing director and verify if they know this person and are they currently accepting deals from them. They may be blacklisted from the hedge fund and may be using that connection as a means of getting access to properties.


Do what you want, but tread lightly. There are alot of well meaning people in this business, however, well meaning and getting a deal done is one thing, well meaning and not being able to deliver seems to be common place.


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