I have a 112 unit multi-family unit deal in San Antonio that I need a 12 month loan so I can take down the project and rehab/stabilize the property.  Then I will get permant financing.


Can anyone help and what would be the terms?




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Could you provide your contact information or email more details of your request. I prefer discussing directly. Here is a link to our loan criteria, so you may see if it fits what you're looking for. http://bit.ly/9nT4Fr
After reviewing you may decide to contact me or fill in the project details in the application form so that my lenders can review. Doing so would give you a more accurate and timely response.

Christopher C. Starr
IndyCal Group, Inc.

T (619) 800-6619

Fixed Rates

25 Year Fully Amortizing - No Balloon

Owner User and Investor Owned Properties

Loan Amounts up to $4,000,000

LTV to 65%
Hi Darrell,
I'd like to discuss this opportunity with you. We're specialised at providing creative & professional funding solutions in time-sensitive situations. Our rates are low-mid teens and we provide both acquisition and rehab financing up to 75% LTV.

Feel free to review our loan parameters online at www.dgcAssetHoldings.com. I am also available to talk on 941-538-6378.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Darryl Cox
Hello Darrell,

I source loans for a boutique private equity firm who has a bridge capital loan product that may help you take down this project. The loan parameters can be seen here: http://bit.ly/by6OZe
Darrell,..have you funded your project yet? if not,..give me a shot and a called...I have hard money lenders who like Multifamily deals.... d8vhills@aol.com 817-323-4330, David, HFS
We recently viewed your inquiry on crepig.com and would like to introduce ourselves.
Aurora Funding LLC represents a revolutionary funding initiative that provides a means for end users and investors to acquire properties of their choice. When conventional or subprime lenders decline Aurora Funding’s APT (American Property Trust) program will usually make the deal become a reality. Please respond to us at your earliest convenience.

Good Day,
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