Nationwide Sanitized Tape of 141 Properties including SFRs and Commercial

Attached are the following:

1.     An NCND, once completed by Buyer and received by us, the unsanitized Tape will be sent to the buyer and,

2.     Sanitized Nationwide Tape consisting 141 properties at a total cost of $15.9 Million. The Tape is from one of our bank/non profit relationships.

We are looking for serious buyer(s) of the Nationwide Tape. The Tape is all or nothing.  So, don't call or email me a bunch of questions if you are not serious, not interested in looky-loos.  I won't answer anything until and NCND is signed. 



We request the following:


1.     To get the un_sanitized Tape, the exit or end buyer must sign and return the NCND to us.


2.     The Tape with full addresses (not sanitized) will be sent directly to the Buyer.


3.     Before submitting an offer, the buyer should note the following:

a.     Complete all Due Diligence prior to submission of offers, access provided upon request.

b.     Expected discounts will vary depending on pre or post auction of the selected property (ies).

c.     Program fees are 4% of the final asset(s) contract purchase price plus any associated buyer closing costs.

d.     Offers will be submitted once ALL the below information is received:

                                                    i.     Signatory Name

                                                   ii.     Company Name, if any

                                                  iii.     Company Address

                                                  iv.     Proof of Funds for purchase price plus associated fees in the form of a bank statement or bank letter.

                                            ( All proof of funds are subject to verification)

                                                  v.     Upon acceptance of your offer, Seller will require copies of “articles of incorporation”, and operating


4.     Once offers are submitted the provider will respond with either acceptance, rejection, or suggested increase of offer (counter offer). Buyer is allowed to counter as well. (Hint: Most likely acceptable offer should be in 25% to 35% discounted range).

5.     Once an agreed price is reached, the buyer will be notified, and the contract of sale will be prepared.

6.     All transactions must close in the name of the contracted Buyer. Resale restrictions may apply. Buyer is responsible to do ALL due diligence prior to committing to the purchase of any property. (I.e., BPO's or AVM's or any other resource for due diligence is Buyer’s responsibility.)


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