Multi-Family Performing Loan Pools-A paper for sale (Calif, New York)

I have a mulit-family, A-paper $50mil loan pool available at par available from Bank. If investor is a Bank, need letter of intent on Bank Letterhead to receive data tapes. If investor is non-bank need last 2 yrs financials on principals to receive data tapes.Minimum purchase $5mil pools. Properties located in Calif, & New York. I'm dealing directly with bank representative.Please contact if interested. 

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New york what do you have? I can pass you on too some investor's I have through a private lender they also "BUY"
In New York the bank pools consist of Multi-family & mixed use(commerrcial&residental) properties. No single purpose commercial properties. Minimum $5mil Pools available at par.

Please email me what you have for Southern California only.

If your investor is bank need LOI on bank letterhead. If private investor need 2yrs financials with LOI to receive data tapes for southern Calif properties.

Can you email me at so I can get some more information for my buyers.

Scott, thanks for your reply, these notes are available from a Bank. They are performing notes on Muitifamily & mixed use properties. Need LOI to move forward & receive data tapes.
If you can make it easier to get more info, I will show - direct to buyers.
Steve, thanks for your interest. Can't get data tapes without LOI. Once receive acceptable LOI I will arrange your buyers to deal directly with Bank.You can tell your buyers that these are performing notes with no lates on any borrower who's loan is part of the pool.The average ROI is 7%.
Good luck - no buyer will execute an LOI with no disclosure.

Can you get anymore multifamily deals in Calif from your souces. We have a LA cash investor
seeking sfrs and multifamily in LA county. Distressed, non performing...etc....
Please advise.


david gonzalez

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