I am looking for a serious note buyer. I have a performing note which has the details below...

Commercial Property Summary:

.Oxnard California
·Asking Price: $57M (5% Monthly Royalty its’ Negotiable)
·Commercial Property Appraised Value: $72.5M (January 2019)
·Environmental Phase: I and II (January 2019)
·Commercial Property Type and Zoning: Landfill, 27 Acres, Zoning: Commercial, Residential, and Industrial
·Recyclable Material: $2.5B (Oil) and $19.5B (Material)
·Our investment firm has agreed to stay on board throughout the cleaning phases up to 12-18 months

If interested please reply on this ad...

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We are working with one of the largest buyers in the country,. My Buyer has successfully acquired more than $5 billion in loans from diverse sellers, including the FDIC, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and institutional and private sellers across the country.

Kindly send me the deal package for review and presentation to our direct buyer.Are you the direct seller of this Note or you are a Broker?. We can obtain you a competitive offer on this deal as quickly as i hear back from you.Send package to: c.e.o.megainternationalfinacial@gmail.com 916-520-4233


My name is Charles Jones,I am working with several Direct Buyers as well as Buyers Reps.that may be interested in purchasing your Commercial Note if it is still available for sale.Please reply at your earliest with a complete description of the Note and I will present it to my best Buyer.

Charles Jones

Is the Commercial Note still available for Sale?

Charles Jones
Just wanted to know if the Commercial Note was still available.


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