Michigan Single Family Home Tape Available (Private Investor)

Hey Forum,


I have a Private Investor SFR package in Michigan for sale.  It's 50 cents on the dollar.  Each property is fully rented and renovated. 


43 Properties 30k monthly.  Low price of 1.25  ROI is incredible!







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Hi Kenny

Is asking price $1,250,000?
Yeah, give me a call and I can go over the tape. I haven't sent it to anyone!

Which part of Michigan?

I also have a 5 house list that brings in 3k a month for 150k. in Ann Arbor/Jackson area. South
Thanks Kenny

My interest in your listings were casual as I own a lead-generation company that provides leads for US realtors. I will keep a lookout for anyone wanting to buy property in Michigan.

What is the job market like in Michigan?

My main focus, however is in sourcing bulk REO buyers.

Do you have a need to buy further property(ies) at this time?
Not in Detroit. I have relocated to Phoenix to purchase properties in Arizona. 50 - 60 cents on the dollar.

I have someone wanting bulk REO's in Las Vegas

What have you got?
Oops! You are also looking to buy! What is your buying strategy? Buy to hold? On-sell?
Buy to sell
Hi Kenny

Good to talk to yo today

I have forwarded your contact details on to my guy - his name is Travis Goodwin and he is based in SD who has a strong buyer for the state of Michgan.

He has just heard of a bereavement in his family so may be next week before he can do much with this but he will give you a call before then to make contact.

Please forward the spreadsheet to normansutton1249@gmail.com.




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