Megan and Zeke Zucaro Announce "How To Lend" Seminar

Megan & Zeke Zucaro are brilliant investors, motivated agents, and successful educators - and they've just announced a new "How To Lend" seminar scheduled for January 27th to help others learn from their experience.

Megan and Zeke aren't your typical real estate educators. Let's face it: we've all heard stories of agents who invested big dollars into real estate education only to have their "mentors" disappear once the check cleared the bank. Education is important, but these are difficult times and it makes reputation more important than ever.

Reputation is what makes Megan & Zeke so remarkable: they've been around for years, and the students they've trained still turn to them for advice. They have a great reputation that's stayed golden over the long term, which is a key to proving that they do things right. "Under promise and over deliver", says Zeke - he tells me that's one of his keys to success, along with hard work and years of experience in real estate and finance that have contributed to their success.

I made their acquaintance because Megan and Zeke use FasTrac Investor: they've actually been using it since the software was in early testing, because it lets them quickly analyze collateral real estate and instantly provides them with detailed financial data. They've even helped review some of the software's financial calculation features to ensure it meets and exceeds industry standards, because if they're using it themselves then they need it to perform flawlessly.

FasTrac Investor is only one part of the "How to Lend" seminar, scheduled for January 27th at the Hilton Suites Anaheim-Orange County, in Orange, California. It's an all-day event lasting from 9am to 5pm, and seating is limited. The seminar is an all-in-one event that provides everything you'll need in a single sitting, including the links, resources, and connections to help you get started.

Megan & Zeke have a novel proposition: instead of letting your money collect dust in a bank account at 2-4% interest, they're providing a detailed plan on how to become a lender with that money, which they claim puts you in the position to make 2 to 4 pts and 8% to 12% interest - which results in a lot more return for every dollar that you invest. They're not talking about a specific investment opportunity, but instead providing education on how to find existing opportunities that already exist in your own network, and more importantly how to capitalize on those opportunities to earn money.

Visit How To Lend for more information on the upcoming January seminar, and click the "Register Now" button to get additional details about what they're offering. They've made it clear that quality is far more important than quality, so they're limiting seats to the first 75 registrants, so if you're interested the time to act is now.

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