Make 2018 your New Year! Learn to Trade like an expert!

Get $50,000 trading capital, get alerts, get quailified in 30 days, make at least $5000@month regularly trading a few hours a week from the comfort of your home.

Make money trading West Texas Crude--be a commodity trader!  Don't spend thousands like these other guys are trying to get you to shell out.  But, get up and running sooner than you ever imagined.

Here's around $2000 profit you missed on Friday 1.12.18 for West Texas Crude because you didn't receive the SMS message from the ACES ( Alerting Chart Expert System ).  This is system has taken more than ten years effort.  Best of all, it works for most any commodity and/or future--including Forex.  We are using it for West Texas Crude right now.

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This is a trend trading system; follow the trend, it's your friend.  Although the system is easy from a user standpoint; it uses sophisticated differential equations and calculus to determine when to exit and enter trades.

Most of trading is waiting, so don't spend your day staring at the chart, let the expert alerts tell you when to trade, and let the chart tell you whether to buy or sell.

Just a few rules to follow while looking at the chart when you get the expert alert.  See if you can figure them out on your own.  ( Hint:  there are only three! ) No system is full proof; however, using this system,  your odds of being successful are dramatically improved.

We are offering a limited number--proprietary--of annual memberships right now; once they are gone, you will be wait listed until next year.   Currently, we are not selling thousands because that's too many people to manage.  First come--first serve basis only. 

Annual membership applications will be honored based on the time we receive the trial email request.  We will stop processing at the proprietary number.  If you opt out after 14 days and want back in, you will be placed at the bottom of the list;  remember, time is of the essence.  The memberships have been marked down to less then half the normal cost of $1997.  Currently, they cost $997--50% off.  You can start with a 14-day FREE trial.  There are no refunds or exchanges--none.  Either you want to change your life for less than $1500 total and a little of your time, or you don't.  It's simple.

Just send your email and cell phone number.  You will be added to the GoToMeeting daily email credential access list, and you will be added to the SMS expert alerting system for 14-days.  If you do not cancel at the end of the trial, you will invoiced on Paypal account for $997.  Please process promptly as we offer a three day grade period--no action--bottom of the list--again. 

( fyi, if you choose, we accept cash by Fedex--5% discount. )

Act now and make 2018 the year you become more than you thought possible.

( You will be provided with information on the trading capital opportunity when your account is processed. )

For more details contact me at

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