Looking to BUY Vacant or Under-performing ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY

Nationwide, preferably Distressed but not a requirement.  Direct Sellers or Direct Agents, only. 

  • Average price 2-6MM
  • Mid-sized to larger facilities with at least 40 beds
  • No real age preference on the property
  • Urban settings are much more preferred to rural
  • Must have been a licensed facility, but the state license(s) can be expired. No conversions of non-previous senior housing.

Please contact me right away if this comes up your alley.  Thank you!

Carmen Alexe


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Campbell, we need to wait about a couple of weeks.  Thanks!


Let me know if you would be interested in two assisted living facilities in the Miami area. Fully occupied with waiting list. All licenses renewed January 2001.



800.447.4125 ext. 101



I have one available in Az.


If interested email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com

Have a class A facility built in 99 ...has 48 suites...listed at 4.7 M ...vacant... I am sure the bank would want to talk to you...Mark

Hello Mark


Where is it? I also have a buyer so please send your contact details to normansutton1269@gmail.com

Carmen and Norman...my sincere apologies to both of you on this ..the one that got away..I had been keeping an eye on this for some months and when I saw this thread I contacted the listing broker...he did not respond, so my partner and I went to take a look...and the NEW OWNER was there...apparently this broker did not update the listing...BTW..it went for approx 3.2 million...makes me absolutely sick...here is the link:



I am still looking any and all asset classes and will check in regularly on this site...happy hunting and best wishes to all and again...my apologies..it's STILL listed as active..Mark
have another with a 10 cap..399k noi last year, 40 beds built in 1999, turnkey, offered at 3.99 mil..I am not a principal but can lock it up if need be..
Mark,  is it under-performing?  If it's at its full potential (and it probably is) no, my client is not looking for that. If it's underperforming or something is distressed then we may be interested! Thank you!


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