Looking to BUY Vacant or Under-performing ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY

Nationwide, preferably Distressed but not a requirement.  Direct Sellers or Direct Agents, only. 

  • Average price 2-6MM
  • Mid-sized to larger facilities with at least 40 beds
  • No real age preference on the property
  • Urban settings are much more preferred to rural
  • Must have been a licensed facility, but the state license(s) can be expired. No conversions of non-previous senior housing.

Please contact me right away if this comes up your alley.  Thank you!

Carmen Alexe


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Hi Carmen,

There is a possibility that I can put you in touch with someone who has access to properties that match your criteria.

Hi Nov, 


Yes please but ONLY IF it matches our criteria. Let me know how you'd like to proceed. Thx!

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For more details contact us with the below info.


I had a brief contact with the broker and was asked the following. :

What kind of time frame are you looking at?   Are you looking to operate the facility or are you looking for more of a passive net leased investment?  

This will help determine if the properties match your criteria.

Please send an email to my Inbox.

Got one in San Antiono Tx 3.7 Mil 8 Buildings Noi $523K a year ready to move!


Call Ron at 520-343-7331

Ron, Does it meet the criteria?
Ron,  I spoke with my client and the management company doesn't like multiple buildings. So, this will not work.  Thank you!

Carmen, I have a 80 bed 2 yr. old facility in Pa. 3 million asking price, the builder/owner did amazing job on construction went way over board with detail, selling well below market. It is currently lic. but new owner would have to get approved by State, we can assist to expedite this process aswell.

Call Tim



Carmen;  I have a business contact seeking JVP on an assisted living opportunity in NY.

his contact info:  dfinan1@AOL.COM

Paul, my client is not interested in a jvp but thank you!

I can help you I am direct to the sellers of under, non-performing assisted living facilities. How soon do you want to move?


My contact info:


Campbel D.



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