I am looking for sellers who are real. I am working with Buyers IMs, Reps, Mandates and some i am direct to. These buyers are looking for Commercial, Single Family, Multifamily, Residential, REO, NPNs and PNs. They have a purchasing power from 1M to over 1B. They can show a POF and LOI.

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We are Realty company in California, selling nationwide bulk REO and NPN from 1 million to 10 billion. We also sell REO commercial properties. NO DAISY CHAINS - WE DEAL DIRECT WITH SELLER'S REP TO CONCLUDE THE DEALS.

Serious buyers only. Be prepared to sign our NCND agreement, provide us with signed LOI(s), and POF. The buyer has to be liquid for the purchase amount; cash or line of credit only!

If interested please send email to iquebec01@gmail.com
next to seller rep on Texas hotel, Calif hotel and AZ MF NPN. rosstheboss102@sbcglobal.net
HI im direct to seller we have some OREOS and some single family we will need that LOI and POF e-mail me if your interested I get these packages in all the time. bboy5@cox.net
I am direct to seller's rep. We have verified buyers that is why we need to vet your buyers,too. Kindly go to www.verifiedbulkreos.com to be vetted out. Have a great one! Thanks!
I have another seller's rep of the products that your buyers need. Kindly contact me for more information.

Nothing in those states but I just came across one in MI

Owned by hard money lender
portfolio of 30 properties in Michigan
40-65% of LTV.
Sales price 1.2 million
6.5 million payback

Pictures and spreadsheet available. I'm not a bulk REO guy this just fell in my lap. Email me backyardcommercial@gmail.com for pictures and the spreadsheet.
Send me your direct contact info. We have over 800MM of off market unlisted distressed assets. Contact info: apollack@sbcglobal.net 949-492-1151
Give me a call sometime. We are always obtaining new product. Mostly distressed non-performing commercial notes. We were recently awarded a 336 unit apartment complex in Florida, that we are offering at a price of $3.36mm/$10.4k a door if they can close quickly. my email is msmoot.watchmanasset@gmail.com if you would like to know more.
I need good sellers too that can show proof of product. I have LOI and POF.
llona Miller Please email me at michaeldownard18@yahoo.com I may be able to help you.


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