We are a group of investors based in Maryland looking nationwide for self storage facilities. All types of properties considered. Fast closing for the right project. Brokers protected and respected.

Send an email with project specifics to:

or call

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Hi, Steve.
I am a REALTOR in NJ & PA, that has primarily been dealing with the residential market for the past 5 years. However, I am an investor also, and have recently been starting to research Self Storage facilities, as well as, other opportunities. Though I do not have any Self Storage listings myself, possibly we could form some alliance, at a minimum, possibly a bird-dog relationship. Naturally, I would need to know what facilities you are currently considering or have considered, so that our efforts are not duplicated. I am willing to sign a Non-compete and/or Non-circumvent agreement. I certainly would like a deeper involvement with your group, not only to enhance my knowledge about this niche, but also the opportunity to enhance my financial position (of course)! I'd also like to know what your criteria is for a possible investment. I certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss this further, and look forward to your reply.

Bernie Day
Hi Steve,

Is this request still an active? I don't want to bombard you with offers, please provide your spending range and potential income requirements for total project.

Send your information to: gconsortium@msn.com.

Thanks and have an excellent day!

Jewel Gaynor
I would like more details on what you are looking for?
You can email me at cgdodeals@gmail.com
I am aware of roughly 5 or 6 facilities, that I believe are all listed with one or two firms. If you would sign a buyer representation agreement with me I would love to go to work on them for you. On the surface they appear to be well maintained facilities. They are all clustered within approx. a 30 mile radius to my knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you soon. jmann@GoBlueRock.com or 864.303.4043 cell Justin Mann

I am local to MD myself and have a client with 6 properties on the eastern shore in need of a JV partner of 49%. Loan doc's prohibit the transfer of further equity at this time. One asset is locally financed and could allow for additional ownership.

If still actively searching, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Greg Daniszewski


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