I have several investors looking for REO in the following area's. Las Vegas,Texas, Atlanta Ga, and St.Louis Mo.


If you have any REO's in those area's, please let me know ASAP

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Hey Gerald, email me at aratcliffe4@comcast.net. I can help you with this request.
Yes Andre we are still looking for REO properties in Atlanta, St. Louis, Vegas, Texas.
If you can provide all of the specs like loan value, cap rate, tenant profile, property description, etc.
I have reos that are being sold off by hedge funds all over the US. Contact me for more details.

- Justin Callaway


(305) 401-9195
Great......Send me property specs in Atlanta, Las Vegas, St Louis, Texas
Gerald, I have access to a motivated seller who has over 35 Billion dollars of off the market REO Property, email me your buyers interest.

I can send you and LOI the proof of funds can come later.
Vernon 402-510-5945
Are any of the propertied located in St. Louis, Tx. Atlanta or Las Vegas?

Gerald all of these people that have responded to you are full of it. Banks are selling REO assets on a one off basis, there are no large portfolios floating around.

I have Non-Performing loans and a few REO for sale on an exclusive basis.

Go to www.Carltonexchange.com


Justin R. Piasecki | Vice President
Carlton Group, LTD
Carlton Advisory Services, Inc.
560 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor | New York, NY 10022
Tel: (212) 716 - 5619
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Email: jpiasecki@carltongroup.com
Justin ....I must agree with you. I have truely found out that all who have responded are full of it.

I do need REO's in the specific areas requested earlier. Justin if you have some properties, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

I'm also working with a lender that has 95% commercial funding. I have found only one very good contact Hank from this group that has taken me seriously.

Attached is what I have now.
Thank you Justin for the review.
I have two closings Tuesday and some proposal to complete for some other procurement purchases. I have your contact info now and will call you within the next 48 hrs to discuss Tx, Atlanta. I did not see anything in Las Vegas or St. Louis.

Gerald W. Mead
In the $150M portfolio there is Las Vegas


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