Looking for notes for sale Performing or Non Performing

We can move quickly, with a fast yes or no and a price. Broker protected.

all credit quality's and types of paper

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Rob, thanks for the reply. But it does  not sound like its for us.



Hey Jack.

I got 2 nationwide NPN tapes available with UPBs 12.13M  and 9.13M presently available.  The 9.13M tape is approximately $3.1M and the $12.1M is approximately $3.9M.  However, as this the end of the year, these won't stay around forever.  Please let me know immediately  if you want to move forward! I can email you both lists.


Please email me the info, are you the seller?

Will you sell parts of it, or you is it a package deal?

I just emailed you.

Are you a principle buyer?

ELaine, realtor
Enterprise Realty Power Brokers
email: grots-84215@mypacks.net

100% direct buyer and servicer


Hi Jack,

Property type? Residential or commercial notes?  We have non performing commercial inventory available.  We work the South Florida area only. I look forward to speaking with you.

You can contact me at 305-281-2245 or email lazaro.ssa@gmail.com


Best regards,


Lazaro Sosa

Solutions RE



Lazaro, Great speaking with you. looking forward to hearing from you

It was great speaking with you also.  I look forward to doing business.

Have a great day.


425 units in westland, michigan ?

Nick, thanks, but not the right area for us.



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